Infrared No-Touch Thermometer

This no-touch thermometer is quick and simple to use – just hold it 5 to 10 cms away from the patient’s forehead to take a reading. The display goes green, orange or red depending on the person’s temperature, informing the carer of normal, slight or high fever temperatures. It measures to the nearest 0.1°C.




Measurement range: 32.0°C ~ 42.9°C
Recording (memorising) and reading function: 32 sets
Automatic shutdown time: 20 seconds
Maximum allowable error: ± 0.2°C within 35.0°C ~ 42.0°C

± 0.3°C beyond 42.0°C

Batteries: 2No AA batteries
Period of use: 3 years
Weight: 90g
Size: 155mm x 115mm x 45mm (L x W x H)


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